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Bangladesh to challenge for satellite

September 24, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Bangladesh wants its own satellite. The problem is that the ‘rights’ to place a satellite at one of its allocated orbital positions (69 degrees and 102 degrees East) is complicated by the fact that other nations either have satellites at the positions or have priorities filed with the ITU of intentions to occupy the positions.

Bangladesh has already allocated a budget of $374 million for the build, launch and insurance of a satellite with 24 Ku-band and 16 C-band transponders, plus the necessary ground infrastructure. Currently Bangladesh rents capacity from other satellite operators.

Officially, both the 69 degrees and 102 degrees East slots are allocated to Bangladesh, but it has found it impossible to fully coordinate use of the slot because of signals – or plans – from a slew of other satellite operators from the USA, India, Pakistan, Israel, Japan and others. Not all of these operators have satellites in place, but their formal filings with the ITU place them ahead of Bangladesh in ‘rights’ to use the slots.

Consequently, Bangladesh is looking to Russia and its Intersputnik organisation, and an orbital position at 119 degrees East, where it hopes to lease capacity.

Bangladesh hopes to issue a Request for Proposals by the end of this year.

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