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ITV Encore’s ‘Lucan’ most talked about TV brand in Q2

September 25, 2014

Research from Nielsen shows that the drama Lucan, screened on newly-launched channel ITV Encore, drives more brand conversations per viewer in the UK than any other drama in Q2 2014.

Nielsen has joined forces with Keller Fay, the consumer conversation experts, to provide a unique dataset for advertisers and media buyers that identifies where to find the most influential TV audiences.

Word-of-Mouth (WOM) is a hugely sought-after organic effect of advertising. Nielsen has therefore combined TV audience figures from BARB with Keller Fay’s multi-channel brand advocacy data to show which programmes’ audiences are the most likely to generate WOM and naturally discuss brands in-person, online, over social media and over the phone. Advertisers and media buyers can then target programmes not only based on demographic information and volume, but also based on the audiences’ propensity to discuss brands.

The dataset shows that Lucan has the most WOM-productive audience of all peak time drama programmes.

“Age and gender are still highly important TV metrics, but being able to blend this with powerful new insights on how to reach those individuals that talk about your product and  brands is where the data really comes to life,” says James Oates, Nielsen UK’s head of media. “With this new integrated data set TV advertisers and media buyers are able to better understand how they can extend their brand messages organically and also align sponsorship messages in a more meaningful way.”

Steve Thomson, Managing Director, Keller Fay UK added, “brands are increasingly seeking to maximise the social impact of their advertising. Key to this is the ability to reach people who are active talkers in both the real world and online.”

The top 5 WOM programmes in Q2 were

1. Lucan
2. Arrow
3. 24: Live Another Day
4. Intelligence
5. Fargo

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