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BT trials G-Fast broadband

September 26, 2014

BT is claiming to have made a “big breakthrough” with fibre broadband, which could see homes and businesses have access to speeds of 1Gbps.

Speaking at the Huawei Ultra-Broadband Forum 2014 in London, Tim Whitley, Managing Director, Research and Innovation at the telco, revealed that a trial of so-called G-Fast technology has managed download speeds of 800Mbps  and upload speeds of 200Mbps.

“We have a problem with our access network,” Whitley told delegates, noting a preponderance of copper twisted pair lines in the final drop to the home.

Currently BT is rolling out Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), which uses a combination of fibre and copper lines, as its preferred technology for broadband roll-out.

BT claims that the new technology can achieve good speeds over longer lines of 66m (216ft), which it said encompasses 80 per cent of connections.

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