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AMOS satellite hit by jamming

October 2, 2014

Israel’s AMOS satellite is suffering jamming. Ukraine’s Inter TV is reported to have had some of its shows interrupted.

BBC Monitoring is reporting that deliberate interference began on September 28th. The head of the Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), Markiyan Lubkivskyy, said; “In particular, [the signal] is being blocked by means of 500-watt radio waves targeting the village of Kalynivka, Kiev Region, where there is a transmitter of the satellite equipment owned by the Inter Television Channel private company. The source of waves is located on the southwestern border of Ukraine. There is a possibility that it is coming from the territory of Moldova’s [breakaway] Dniester region,” Lubkivskyy said.

“At the moment, our employees who cooperated with experts from the state company Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies are taking measures to identify the location of the source of radio interference and eliminate it,” Lubkivskyy added.

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