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Broadband in over 700m homes

October 6, 2014

The latest milestone in the relentless march of high speed Internet access was passed at the end of June this year as the total number of households with a broadband line came to 700.2 million, according to telco data specialist Point Topic.

“Consumers love the bits and bytes delivered by the Internet and they are being put to use throughout homes and offices worldwide. Broadband at home is the norm in many markets and we are starting to see the innovations and applications enabled by high bandwidth services take hold,” advises Oliver Johnson, CEO at Point Topic.

The firm notes a further landmark in the second quarter of 2014. China alone now accounts for more than two hundred million broadband lines. “Dominating the world market for a number of years, China shows little sign of slowing down,” says point topic.

While there is strong growth in many markets the BRICs report the top growth rates amongst the top twenty nations. Brazil will overtake the UK this year in terms of total subscriptions.

“We’re still in the foothills as far as the benefits of broadband go. The supply is one challenge but the real added value is still to come. As we start to figure out how to use what we have and perhaps more importantly how to coordinate the services and extract the synergies we’ll see more and more positive outcomes in the coming years. It’s very exciting,” says Johnson.

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