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London Live can cut local output

October 8, 2014

London-LiveOfcom has accepted ESTV’s request to reduce the number of repeats in its programming commitments for the London Live local TV licence.

Last month, Ofcom refused a request from ESTV  – the provider of the London local TV service London Live – to make changes to its programming that would have substantially altered the character of the channel – making it much less local.

Following this decision, ESTV submitted a request to Ofcom in September for a smaller change to its programming commitments to reduce the hours of repeats shown by the station. This request was significantly more limited in scope than its previous application.

Having assessed ESTV’s latest request, Ofcom said in a staement that is “has decided that the latest changes requested would not constitute a departure from the character of the service, and that they should be allowed. The volume of news, current affairs and original programming broadcast by London Live will not be affected.”

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