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France Télévisions new youth multiscreen platform

October 20, 2014

From Paoli-Lebailly Pascale in Paris

France Televisions will this week launch the new ad-supported multiscreen platform for its youth brand Ludo, developed as a youth digital on-demand channel for kids aged 6 and above.

The new platform will replace the current website and will be available on IOS and Android tablets as well as on Xbox One consoles, before extending to all mobile devices and Xbox 360.

Kids will be able to access numerous services after registering and creating an avatar. Each animated hero from France 3 and France 4 will have its own dedicated section, with videos of the recent episodes run and games.
Some family feature films will also be part of the selection.

As on a social network, kids will be able to choose the homepage of their favourite heroes, add and share with friends. But there won’t be a chat section.
This platform is set to be complementary to the TV offering and fully personalized.

An offline mode will give children the possibility to screen two hours videos while paying options will open to enlarged services, like downloading the full season of an animated show.

A similar platform is set to be developed in 2015 for the preschool Zouzois slot. It will be more oriented towards edutainment and won’t run any advertisements.

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