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Sanchez appointed RTVE president (again)

October 22, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish Parliament has appointed the former General Director of Madrid-based Regional TV channel Telemadrid, Jose Antonio Sanchez, as the new president of the public national broadcaster RTVE, replacing Leopoldo Gonzalez-Echenique who recently resigned on the grounds of lack of financial resources for the TV group.

Sanchez already was the president of RTVE in 2002-2004 and now he will have to face a huge debt of over €100 million and a declining viewership.

Sanchez was the architect of the dismissal of 860 employers at Telemadrid (70 per cent of the staff), whose post as General Director at the Regional channel has now been taken by Angel Martín Vizcaino, former deputy director of Telemadrid.

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