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Newstag new CTO

November 3, 2014

Newstag, a crowd-curated video news service from Stockholm, has announced the appointment of Mat Ekholms as CTO in a move to support the company as it develops its innovative approach to news sharing through social media.

Video expert Mats Ekholm brings over two decades of experience in the news, media and entertainment industries with an impressive track record of building world class solutions for video companies. Ekholm has previously been CTO at several international companies including Utd By Content and Kamera and has also worked with Ericsson.

Newstag will bring together video news stories from content producers around the world, including AP and Reuters, as well as brands and NGOs. The ‘mobile-first’ service will enable users to create personalised video newscasts on their smartphones, tagging news, brands and NGOs to create relevant and customised feeds to consume and share with their peers through social networks. Newstag’s logo – the twelve sided figure or dodecahedron – reflects the multi-faceted nature of news in the 21st century  and our relationship with it in today’s complex world.


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