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nangu.TV exceeds 450,000 subs

November 6, 2014

nangu.TV, the Czech media platform provider for IPTV and OTT services, has  revealed that more than 450,000 paid subscribers using active devices including set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets and PCs are now connected to its media platform, which enables the delivery of television and video content, including advanced value-add services, via third-party operators.

The company’s end-to-end IPTV and OTT platform provides a complete solution that allows ISPs, cable, mobile and hospitality TV service providers to deliver additional value-add features including: non-linear, VoD, triple-screen, hybrid boxes, web and mobile applications. Providing value-added services is vital in the battle against cord-cutting. nangu.TV’s open system allows third-parties to directly integrate via its published APIs allowing further development into interactive TV applications and services aimed at specific markets.

“This announcement again highlights our vast experience with a large number of active customers, showing the platform’s high-performance, scalability and robustness,” explains Tomas Padera, Chief Business Development Officer, nangu.TV. “It also shows that our media platform can span the spectrum from regional ISPs to major mobile networks with interactive television services. This milestone, and the enormous rise in devices at customer installations over the past two years, is testament to the investment the company has made within the nangu.TV platform. We are continuing this investment with plans to release new interfaces for mobile devices and the web in the coming months. This will continue our customers’ success and will establish nangu.TV as the leader in delivering IPTV.”

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