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Panasonic’s upgraded 4K professional displays

November 12, 2014

By Chris Forrester

At either €26,390 or €54,480 the latest Ultra-HD displays from Panasonic are not likely to find many consumer purchasers. But Panasonic’s 84” and 98” 4K display monsters can be very appealing for professional applications.

For a start the displays are in special ruggedised housings, with an additional protective glass panel on the front of the display and the whole device encased in a ridged aluminium cabinet. The displays are deliberately designed to handle 24/7 operation, and cope with vibration and knocks. It makes them ideal for use within places like shopping centres and transportation hubs.

Panasonic Marketing Manager, Enrique Robledo said, “The LQ70 series produces extremely detailed, true-to-life images which benefits retail, transportation, control rooms and design applications. The resolution, durability and ease of installation make these displays a perfect solution for businesses looking to make a visual impact.”

These LQ70’s even have the same screw-fixing holes making for ease of installation where they can be swapped out for existing Panasonic large-screen units.

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