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Enhanced Swisscom TV 2.0

November 17, 2014

With Swisscom TV 2.0 light, users can now pause shows that are currently playing and watch over 100 channels – including 40 in HD. This unique TV experience for new users is now included in the new Swisscom Casa basic offering for CHF 39.50. Also included in the price is Internet access, a fixed-line connection and the basic fee.

“Anyone who still uses an analogue television can now access the world of digital television free of charge with Swisscom Casa,” commented Marc Werner, Head of Residential Customers Swisscom.

Today, around 86 per cent of all Swiss household already have broadband access, and 95 per cent have a TV connection. With its new basic offering, Swisscom now aims to win over customers wanting a simple communications solution with Internet and fixed-line telephony who are currently with another TV provider.

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