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TF1, YouTube settle upload dispute

November 17, 2014

By Colin Mann

French broadcaster TF1 and YouTube have announced an end to a years-long legal dispute regarding TF1 content that had been uploaded to YouTube by users.

As part of this settlement agreement, YouTube has reaffirmed its commitment to providing its content protection system (Content ID) and to giving right holders full control over their content.

The settlement also includes a partnership to build TF1 YouTube channels, which will include original TF1 content made specially for the platform. “TF1 and YouTube are delighted with this new collaboration,” said a Statement from TF1.

In May 2012, the regional court in Paris rejected the claims brought by TF1 and its subsidiaries (the channel LCI, TF1 Vidéo and TF1 International, responsible for video editing and acquiring and distributing rights) against YouTube on the grounds of infringement of copyright, unfair competition and parasitic use.

In addition to requesting a ban, the channel was also claiming damages – calculated at €150 million – for the prejudice caused by YouTube putting on-line a whole range of films, series, sports events and broadcasts it felt it had rights to, including some prior to any broadcasting or commercial use in France.

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