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SFR launches FTTH TV offer with Numericable

November 19, 2014

From Paoli-Lebailly Pascale in Paris

French Telco SFR has launched a new FTTH TV offering services and TV from La Box Fibre by Numericable, just a few days before the closing of  the Altice/Numericable takeover.

Priced from €29.99 up to €41.99, the “Box TV fibre de SFR” is available to the 8 million households with fibre access and newcomers to SFR.

The new offer aims at bringing the best of digital multiscreen experience integrating functions such as HD, replay, time shifting, restart, simultaneous recording, and 30,000 titles available in VoD. Additional premium services from SFR also include home security functions, cloud computing, and unlimited phone calls to more than 100 countries.

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