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Giraffic accelerates MPEG-DASH

November 21, 2014

Giraffic has announced partner and customer trials that prove the compatibility and performance benefits of its Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) for MPEG-DASH.  The news adds to adaptive streaming standards supported and enhanced by AVA, such as HLS and Smooth Streaming, positioning Giraffic as a leader in video acceleration and MPEG-DASH performance.   Giraffic AVA enables true HD and UHD 4K across a wider selection of content and devices, and enables device manufacturers to seamlessly support the various adaptive streaming protocols, including the varieties of MPEG-DASH.

MPEG-DASH is the industry’s emerging adaptive bitrate streaming standard.  It has yet to be fully standardised, making it difficult for device manufacturers to support each of the many content providers and apps.  Additionally, just like with other adaptive streaming protocols, varying network conditions may prevent users from experiencing true HD and certainly UHD 4K TV quality.

“MPEG-DASH aims to unify adaptive streaming, enabling a higher interoperability between platforms and devices for easier large-scale commercial deployments,” said Yoel Zanger, CEO and Founder of Giraffic. “By accelerating MPEG-DASH, Giraffic supports the industry efforts towards offering uncompromised true HD and UHD 4K TV.”

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