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Telefonica to complete FTTH deployment by 2020

November 21, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Telefonica is intensifying the deployment of its FTTH network in Spain with plans to replace its current ADSL network with FTTH by 2020.

Over the next five years, the company will extend its FTTH network to all municipalities with a population of over 1,000 inhabitants, said Telefonica’s CEO Luis Gilperez Miguel. The process will imply closing down the entire copper network while at the same time improving the quality of connections in rural areas.

Currently, Telefonica’s FTTH covers around 10 million Spanish homes with plans to reach a coverage of 80 per cent of households by 2017.

Latest figures from the regulator CNMC shows that FTTH is growing in Spain with 1,222,163 connections by the end of September, two times more than the previous year with Telefonica taking 1,068,389 of the total. DSL connections amounted to 9,412,921 with Telefonica taking 4,667,344. As a whole, Telefonica is still the market leader in fixed broadband services with over 5,735,733 of the total, 12,723,881.

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