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Triax – new “High Output“ series of distribution amplifiers

November 24, 2014

TRIAX presents the GPV 950 series, a powerful and state-of-the-art range of distribution amplifiers with a return path that allows variable configurations. TRIAX has combines all the functional units required in a user-friendly configuration on a single integrated circuit board. The series is equally suitable as a line extender booster or for use as a cascade amplifier in cable television distribution installations (CATV). GPV is certified for cable network providers type class D (4.4). In addition, TRIAX offers the GPV 950 L version, with remote feed via the RF input.

The on-board technology ensures that the forward amplifier, diplex filter and return channel amplifier as well as all related elements for settings are all included on the circuit board. Technicians installing the system thus benefit from the speedy and uncomplicated settings involved, and require no further parts for setup and operation of the device.

The series of GPV amplifiers provides maximum flexibility. 16-stage rotary switches allow reliable and reproducible attenuation and equalization in 1-dB steps. The switchable return path (active, passive, off) provides for optimum setting of return channel gain: basic amplification can be selected separately for pre-stage and inter-stage, using jumper bridges. This means that the GPV 950 series provides comprehensive configuration options that can be utilized both during installation and in operation. The integrated cable simulator is activated by means of plug-in standard PADs from 1 to 10 dB.

In the forward path (85… 1.006 MHz) the series provides an outstanding maximum operating level of 113 dBµV, the maximum output level of the return path is 120 dBµV (16 QAM, KDG 1TS140 – class D, prepared for upstream load of DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.x). Given a maximum power requirement of about 15 W, the booster amplifiers are characterized by low power consumption. The highly linear pre- and endstage achieves unrestricted transmission characteristics even when the gain is switched. The low noise level of 6 dB in the forward path and 5 dB in the return path contributes to this performance.

To ensure secure contacts for the HF connecting cables, TRIAX has provided high-quality F-connectors, which guarantee an optimum ingress and LTE protection. When using weather-profed F cable connectors, the system achieves an IP 65 protection factor, and can thus also be installed out of doors. Selective construction elements as well as comprehensive overload protection ensure the distribution amplifiers can achieve an above-average operating lifespan.

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