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Anevia partners with Cedexis

November 27, 2014

Anevia, a global player in the development of software infrastructure for delivering live television and VoD services over the Internet, has announced a partnership with CDN load-balancing specialist Cedexis.

A newly signed agreement between the two companies sees Cedexis technology implemented by Anevia to enhance the quality-of-service monitoring capabilities of ViaMotion Plus. Integrating Cedexis technology into ViaMotion Plus now enables operators and broadcasters to collect in real-time the key performance indicators of multiple CDNs. These include performance, costs and availability. Each operator can then adapt the activities of the origin servers according to its preferred quality-of-service and quality-of-experience strategy.

“Many customers already deployed Viamotion Plus with multiple content delivery networks around the world,” says Anevia co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Damien Lucas. “Integrating Cedexis QoS monitoring gives broadcasters and IPTV service providers the ability to implement a dynamic content delivery strategy by load-balancing across multiple CDNs. Freed from the restrictions of using a single network, operators can increase the availability of their content and reduce the delays that arise from single-CDN latency. Last but not least, this technological integration gives Cedexis’s customers the ability to offload some traffic peaks to our cloud solutions.”

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