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Russia’s REN TV to go international

December 2, 2014

By Chris Forrester

BBC Monitoring is reporting that Moscow-based REN TV is to add two more TV channels, REN TV International and Military Secret.

According to the company, the international version of REN TV (REN TV International) is a specially licensed version of REN TV specifically designed for a Russian-speaking audience abroad. The content of the channel will be as close to the Russian version of REN TV as possible.

The Military Secret channel will be based on REN TV documentaries, including “Territory of Delusions” [Territoriya zabluzhdeniy], “Clash of Civilizations” [Bitva Tsyvilizatsyy], “Space Stories” [Kosmicheskiye Istorii] and others.

The channels will broadcast round the clock and will be distributed via satellite platforms, cable and digital networks.

REN TV is a federal Russian TV channel that was established in December 1991. Its main shareholder is the National Media Group holding company.

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