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Stop Mega Comcast Coalition ‘aims to protect consumers’

December 4, 2014

By Colin Mann

US public interest group Public Knowledge has joined the Stop Mega Comcast Coalition to urge policy-makers to reject Comcast’s attempt to acquire Time Warner Cable. The Coalition includes private companies, public interest groups, and industry associations that believe the merger would cause substantial harm to consumers.

John Bergmayer, Senior Staff Attorney at Public Knowledge, claimed that, if approved, the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger would set Mega Comcast on the path to dominate the high-speed broadband market. “It would act as our nation’s digital gatekeeper, controlling the wires in about half of US households that subscribe to high-speed broadband. Its control over broadband connections, cable TV line-ups, and the devices people increasingly use to access video content would give it make-or-break power over much of the content ecosystem,” he warned.

“Considering that Comcast already owns a TV network, a movie studio, and other content interests, Mega Comcast would have both the means and the motive to act in ways that are contrary to the interest of consumers. Its actions would mean higher prices all around and decreased access to diverse content,” he suggested.

“We’re happy to work with other organisations and companies to highlight for policy makers and the public the very real dangers of this deal,” he concluded.

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