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HAMLET ENTERPRISE – portable streaming analyzer

December 5, 2014

Hamlet, leader in the field of broadcast test and measurement, is pleased to present a convenient tool to ensure your TR 101.290 compliance.

The Best of Show IBC2014 award winning Hamlet Enterprise is now available with IP, ASI, OTT, RF DVB, Record and Playout capability ensuring compliance of your program chain.

The Hamlet Enterprise is ideal for in-house applications, when installing new systems, day to day operations checks in broadcast and enterprise organisations.
For the OB, Van and truck engineers the killer facility is the RF transmission option.
Users can go for “IP only” or include ASI and / or RF operation as well – all in one neat package. The ASI and RF hardware options can be added as and when they are required. For those knowing they have a requirement to capture a transport stream and play it out while maintaining packet timing, the Playout facility is worth
every penny.   Choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

The operating and measurement criteria is the TR 101.290 specification. The pass and fail of Priority levels 1 and 2 plus transport stream with user adjustable min and max levels are defined on screen or can be recorded for later analysis.
Applications include Packet Inspector, Hex analysis, Pid Tree, Bitrate Graph, Audio bar graphs, a high resolution video display and audio decoder, Record, Player, Web browser and it can handle multiple transport streams.

Enclosed in one convenient lap top type format, the Hamlet Enterprise replaces Cumbersome alternatives, such as laptops with bolt-on ASI hardware and software.
It comes out of its rugged carry case good to go – or rack mount it. The case, milled from a solid alloy billet, is extremely tough and holds a real time analyzer for streaming IP, ASI and RF based services encoded as MPEG-2, H264 (MPEG-4 part
and others. It supports a wide range of streaming protocols and adaptive bitrate monitoring tools required to ensure service compliance. The user interface is extremely well defined, with a very intuitive touch screen graphical control surface.

The Hamlet Enterprise has been received to a rapturous reception worldwide from the Pacific rim through Europe to the USA by those that have seen it. An industry first which remains unsurpassed, giving those in the MPEG, IP, ASI, RF DVB and OTT domains a head start in making sure they comply and their end users don’t miss a beat. Soon with higher resolutions of IPTV decoding to come – all software upgradeable! 

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