IOC OKs OTT Olympic Channel

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has unanimously approved the creation of an Olympic Channel.

It adopted the recommendation following a Feasibility Study that suggested the creation of an Olympic Channel was a viable opportunity for the IOC:

  • To provide a platform for the continuous exposure of Olympic sports and athletes beyond the Olympic Games period and help create anticipation while providing opportunities to “relive the experience” after the Games

  • To continuously highlight the relevance of the Olympic ideals to the challenges of today’s world

  • To provide a platform for sharing the IOC´s very rich patrimonial assets and archives with the world, and create additional value and additional content for the IOC archives

  • As a matter of priority, to engage the young generations around the world using methods that are relevant to them, building understanding, entertainment and education

  • To provide a platform for bidding cities during the bidding phase

The Channel will be a worldwide ‘digital only’ offering, based on the linear programming concept and funding originally outlined in the Feasibility Study.

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