Advanced Television

Namibia ASO on Feb 1

December 9, 2014

By Chris Forrester

Namibia’s public broadcaster, NBC, will terminate its analogue transmissions on January 31st 2015. The original plan was for broadcasts to end next week on December 15, but local appeals for a modest delay saw the deadline slip to the end of January next year.

“It is not about the date, but rather about ensuring that ample decoders have been sold so that the viewers are not left in the dark during our analogue switch-off phases,” says NBC’s Commercial Manager for Digital Television, Ockert Jansen.

There are two analogue transmitters in Namibia’s capital Windhoek, and both will go dark on January 31st.

Some consumers are being helped financially to buy the necessary decoder converter boxes. Pensioners, war veterans and the disabled can buy a set-top box at a 50 per cent reduction.

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