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BBC Red Button on EE TV

December 11, 2014

EE, the UK digital communications company, has revealed that EE TV customers can now use BBC’s Connected Red Button directly from BBC channels to access iPlayer and the BBC Sport and News Apps, offering live sport, video highlights, headlines and scores.

EE TV also offers five new content applications to complement its existing mix of live and recorded Freeview, On Demand and Catch Up services. The move forms part of EE’s commitment to continue evolving EE TV with new features and content over time.

BBC Connected Red Button

BBC Connected Red Button enables customers to access BBC iPlayer, and the Sport and News apps by pressing the red button on any BBC channel. Viewers can also discover more of their favourite TV shows and enjoy extended coverage, including exclusive live streaming of sporting events from BBC Sport.

BBC Connected Red Button also allows customers to catch-up with the latest BBC News and BBC Sport text and video clips at any time of the day, so they can enjoy highlights and access headlines, match reports, live scores and standings.


The Dailymotion App brings users a video experience from one of the most powerful video players, in a specially designed and easy to use TV application. The app provides free access to content from leading entertainment and media partners as well as independent content creators. Customers can browse by category or search a specific video. From live international sporting events, music festivals, DJ sets and concerts to viral videos and all the best entertainment news from around the world.


With over 35 million tracks on offer, the Deezer app lets users listen to a wide range of music on demand. EE TV customers can now create their own playlists, discover new music and share their favourite tracks with friends, from anywhere in the house.


Hopster is the UK’s leading TV app for kids aged 2-6. Hopster is ad-free, U-rated and provides a safe and practical way to keep children entertained.


The Euronews app features the latest breaking stories on demand from around the world in eight different languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well as live TV in 13 different languages.

Cloudio TV

Cloudio TV is Europe’s first special interest TV provider for live and recorded TV and video. The content line-up includes some of world largest media groups, including public, private and international channels

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer, EE said: “We’ve designed EE TV so that we can regularly offer customers exciting new content and services without them needing to update their set top box. We’re continuing to develop new partnerships and features, so customers can expect to receive more updates over time – allowing them to make the most from their home TV experience.”

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