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Xstream launches MediaMaker Loading Dock

December 15, 2014

Xstream today announced their launch of MediaMaker Loading Dock service, powered by Xstream MediaMaker, an award winning cloud based video management platform. The MediaMaker Loading Dock solution enables telcos, cable operators, networks and broadcasters to reduce time spent on the content supply chain, thereby decreasing time to market and allowing them to scale their offerings both faster and wider.

Offering consumers the right content across multiple devices is essential for success and one of the biggest hurdles operators experience today when launching an OTT or TV Everywhere service. Managing the complexity of the OTT supply chain is challenging, with a growing amount of content, fragmented supply chain deliveries and continuously varying distributor requirements. Therefore content operations can often become a problem area resulting in increased costs, quality issues and time delays.
“Xstream MediaMaker™ connects all the dots in the OTT ecosystem, from pre-ingest to play-out. The integrated MediaMaker Loading Dock module enabled us to automate and streamline our content supply chain. The level of orchestration of the workflow and automation of it, including depth of integration into suppliers is unique to the industry, in particular for OTT,“ said Mike McMahon CTO at Lightbox.
MediaMaker Loading Dock is a cutting-edge content supply chain management tool designed to solve all the complex challenges in the content supply chain, including; continuously varying distributor requirements, support for large amounts of content, fragmented supply chain vendor deliveries, ensuring quality of assets (Video and metadata), bridging the gap between legacy STB/IPTV and OTT / TVE, screening and rating of assets for parental control and reducing the cost and time spent managing assets and ingest. Importantly, MediaMaker Loading Dock solution is pre integrated with Xstream MediaMaker, but applies equally well with other deployments and video management systems.
“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the evolution of OTT and TV Everywhere technologies, delivering flexible and scalable technology designed to streamline, automate and empower our customers to deliver their premium content, personalized to their consumers, wherever and whenever consumers want it,” said Peter Holmelin, CTO at Xstream. “MediaMaker Loading Dock is designed to meet all the fragmented and complex challenges in the content supply chain operators face when launching an OTT/ TVE service. MediaMaker Loading Dock is remarkable and will enable telcos, cable operators and broadcasters to increase their speed to market while at the same time reducing cost and expanding consumer reach on multiple devices.“

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