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Anevia next-gen Cloud Monitoring

December 19, 2014

Anevia has announced the first service in its new Cloud strategy. Introduced to Anevia customers and partners during its fist Cloud Conference, Anevia Cloud Monitoring is a software-as-a-service based application allowing global maintenance of enterprise television deployments based on Anevia Flamingo XL and XS IPTV head-ends.

Anevia’s Cloud Monitoring service allows lost-channel issues such as lapsed subscriptions to be identified and rectified automatically before they cause significant interruption to the viewing experience.  The service also avoids TV service disruption linked to loss of conditional-access management rights.

“Anevia Cloud Monitoring takes the IPTV viewing experience to an entirely new level, ensuring minimal television service disruption and greatly increased customer satisfaction thanks to its predictive functions,” comments Anevia’s co-founder and CTO Damien Lucas. “Next year we will be introducing additional cloud-based capabilities to provide enhanced line-up and configuration of cloud-TV channel delivery services. The objective is to ensure that technical issues throughout an IPTV chain are detected and corrected before they result in a subscriber being faced with a blank screen Anevia Cloud Monitoring is available now to all customers who have an Anevia system maintenance contract.”

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