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Visiware launches 8 game services on Numericable Belux

December 19, 2014

Visiware, the specilaist in games for interactive television, is offering 8 interactive game channels for the cable operator Numericable’s subscribers in Belgium and Luxemburg.

These services, already available on Numericable in France, are now broadcasted not only in French, in Dutch and German as well. From now on subscribers can enjoy two additional languages without any price increase. They can, at any time, whether they are in France, Belgium or Luxemburg, select the language of their choice before playing.

Playin’TV, Visiware’s flagship channel deployed on over 40 networks around the world, offers 35 games for the entire family, selected from a catalogue of over 200 references. Numericable’s subscribers can play all types of games: sports, arcade, puzzle, casino, cards and board, updated every week. They can enter competitions and enjoy the entire internet games catalogue – 60 games permanently available. Playin’TV is accessible on channel 151 in Belgium and channel 201 in Luxemburg.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is an adaptation of the famous TV game show, whose rights are held by 2waytraffic, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. The principle of the game is to climb the money tree by answering 12 general knowledge questions correctly, with the help of the 3 lifelines proposed. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is accessible on channel 153 in Belgium and channel 203 in Luxemburg.

Minikids TV is a game portal for toddlers between 2 to 6 years old. The 4 games updated each month, allows them to learn while having fun with colours, sounds, numbers and letters. The children guided and vocally encouraged at each and every step by the different characters from the channel. Each month, a drawing competition is organized. Children can send in their drawing by post or e-mail, to be displayed on the channel. Minikids TV is accessible on channel 152 in Belgium and channel 202 in Luxemburg.

1 Contre 100 is a game derived from the TV game show produced by Endemol. Players compete against a wall of virtual adversaries by answering general knowledge questions. They can use the 3 jokers made available to select one of the three answers displayed. The ultimate aim is to eliminate members of the wall.The game has over 5,000 regularly updated questions. 1 Vs. 100 is accessible on channel 154 in Belgium and channel 204 in Luxemburg.

Deal Or No Deal is also based on a TV game show produced by Endemol. Subscribers select a box, hoping to finish the game with the biggest amount. They can accept the bank’s offers to trade or to purchase their box at any time. If a player finishes a game session with a box containing a star, hey will win a real prize. Deal Or No Deal is accessible on channel 155 in Belgium and channel 205 in Luxemburg.

Mystery TV, the new channel for criminal investigations aficionados, offers games such as Murder, She Wrote, inspired by the NBC Universal TV series. Subscribers can solve different mysteries with the famous novelist Jessica Fletcher’s help, through hidden objects games updated every two weeks. Mystery TV is accessible on channel 156 in Belgium and channel 206 in Luxemburg.

Sensual TV, is a portal of 4 games for adults updated every two weeks. Players have to try to progressively reveal photos of very sexy models throughout the different levels. A database of hundreds of images is regularly updated and the numerous models are selected to satisfy the naughtiest of men or women. This service, strictly forbidden for people under 18, is accessible on channel 403 in Belgium and channel 504 in Luxemburg.

Jade is a portal allowing Numericable clients who are not subscribed to the game services to try them out for free. Users will be able, at any time, to discover the services and play the different games for an evaluation period. JADe is accessible on channel 150 in Belgium and channel 200 in Luxemburg.

Numericable subscribers can subscribe to the services with a no-commitment monthly subscription. There are three types of offers: à la carte services, the Game Pass and the Adult Game Pass. Subscribers will have unlimited access to nearly 50 games updated each week and available 24/7.

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