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Record year for rocket launchers

January 6, 2015

A December 31st launch of a Chinese Long March rocket closed out the most successful year for launches since 1993. The Chinese rocket was the 92nd orbital launch of the year, and China launched an additional 15 satellites during the year.

2013 saw just 81 rockets launched.

Russia placed 32 satellites into orbit from Baikonur in Kazakhstan, plus an additional 4 from the French Arianespace facility in Kourou.

The US carried out 23 launches, 14 of which were with their Delta or Atlas heavyweight rockets and largely concerned military satellites.  SpaceX of California performed six of their Falcon-9 rockets split between supply missions to the International Space Station and satellite launches for the commercial sector.

Europe’s Ariane rocket was launched just 6 times, and one launch by Ariane of the Vega smaller rocket.

Additional to the 92 were additional sub-orbital launches by India and Russia.

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