Sensio launches UHD format for 3DTV

3D video specialist Sensio Technologies has launched Sensio 3D/4K, its new 3D format optimised for the latest generation of ultra-high definition (UHD) 3DTVs. Compatible with all video compression codecs including HEVC, the format makes it possible to distribute 3D HD content without any stereoscopic compression loss, achieving an image quality the company says is superior to every spatial compression format, including the Sensio Hi-Fi 3D technology.

Designed to be fully compatible with the new 4K distribution infrastructure, the Sensio 3D/4K format uses advances in the field of video compression to provide superior distribution quality with less bandwidth than what was previously possible. The new format can, among other things, be used to economically and efficiently stream 3D HD movies using less bandwidth. The new format will also enable high-frame-rate distribution of 3D content (48 frames per second), the state-of-the-art motion picture technology used for the Hobbit trilogy and announced for the upcoming Avatar trilogy.

“We are very proud of this new advancement in the distribution of 3D content which once again puts Sensio in the top tier of companies innovating in this field,” commented Nicholas Routhier, Sensio’s President and CEO. “Sensio is committed to remaining at the cutting edge of stereoscopic image processing and with the arrival of the new 3D 4K televisions and high-frame-rate 3D movies, we saw an opportunity to renew our technology and help 3DTV manufacturers and motion picture creators as they evolve toward an even more realistic and immersive 3D home theatre experience. In developing our new format, we accounted for the inherent constraints when technologies are incorporated into consumer electronics, and therefore it should be easier to adopt. We have big ambitions for this new format and are very excited about demonstrating it at the Consumer Electronics Show.”

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