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Arianespace confident for 2015 sales

January 7, 2015

Arianespace’s CEO Stéphane Israël says the launch company is expecting an “intense” schedule for this year.

“We are targeting another record year of missions, while continuing our pursuit of commercial activities to further expand the order book,” he said. “This follows a milestone 2014 from the operational point of view, along with the important actions to ensure the future of European launchers.”

He revealed that Arianespace’s launch manifest from now through 2019 are covered by the total 58 launchers on order with European industry, composed of 32 Ariane 5s, 13 Soyuz vehicles and 13 Vegas launchers.

He reported that 2014 saw a total of 11 launches from the Guiana space port, including 6 Ariane 5 rockets, with a total of 9 satellites launched into orbit.   Arianespace also signed 14 launch contracts last year. Arianespace’s revenues last year topped $1.8 billion, up 38 per cent on 2013.

Stéphane Israël said there would be at least 11 launches this year, with “six to seven Ariane 5 launches, two by Soyuz and three by Vega”.

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