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Studios hit Xunlei with copyright suits

January 20, 2015

By Colin Mann

MPAA studios have filed civil actions against the operators of Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technology (Xunlei), a large Chinese-language video website in China, alleging various acts of copyright infringement.

The actions were filed on January 19th in the Nanshan District Court in Shenzhen, seeking damages, claims for orders to stop the infringing activity, a public apology, and requesting that Xunlei bear the studios’ litigation costs.

According to Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director Asia Pacific, Motion Picture Association – representing the MPAA in the Asia Pacific – a healthy, sustainable and developing online video sector will greatly benefit audiences and movie and technology businesses. “However this outcome is only possible if quality film and television content is respected and protected at every stage of the value chain. For too long we have witnessed valuable creative content being taken and monetised without the permission of the copyright owner. That has to stop and stop now. Content creators and rights holders will continue to exercise their rights under the law to protect their work and consequentially be able to provide the best possible experience for online audiences,” he stated.

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