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Multicon, Gbox Internet VoD partnership

January 21, 2015

Multicom Entertainment Group, a global distribution company founded by veteran TV executive Irv Holender, has announced the launch of a series of Internet VoD channels through a partnership with Gbox, a venture backed online video platform based in Silicon Valley. The two companies’ partnership represents a disruptive model in digital content monetisation and distribution. It allows Multicom to market its signature collections of classic films, TV shows, and documentaries directly to consumers via the Internet using the robust functionality of Gbox’s self service platform.

Gbox founder and CEO Dirk Lueth explains “While there are a number of VOD platforms for content owners, we believe that none of the solutions fully meet the needs of today’s marketplace. Digital content libraries are locked into closed ecosystems which force content owners to follow strict rules on how they can present their content. At Gbox, we believe in providing complete flexibility when it comes to film promotion which includes supporting the full range of pricing models, including pay-per-view, subscriptions, fundraising, and even micro-transactions.”

According to Lueth, with the Gbox partnership, Multicom is able to try out various strategies to continuously optimise their sales. “This is exactly why we built the Gbox platform: We want to empower content owners to find out how they can serve their audience the best way possible, and make decisions based upon data and results.  Although this partnership with Multicom may be the first of its kind in the broadcast quality film industry, we believe that this is just the beginning, and we are excited about the potential.”

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