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Playwire launches major update, debuts Bolt 3.0

January 21, 2015

Playwire, has revealed that the Bolt Video Player has had a major overhaul.
The new Bolt Video Player can do all of the same great things as the previous versions such as manage, distribute, monetise and analyse videos but now Bolt 3.0 has some key new features to make the video player even better,

New features and benefits include:
•    Higher quality video
•    Smaller file size for faster load times
•    Better mobile support: Compatible with more devices, fully responsive, and supports all Bolt features on mobile
•    Rich API usable across all devices
•    Fully reskinnable; look for more details in future communications, or contact us if you want to get started with reskinning now!
•    Support for browsers where Flash is not installed or is disabled
•    Maximised ad revenue: Compatible with more ad types on more devices, improves fill by retrying ads when the first fails
•    Richer Google Analytics tracking for publishers who have provided Google Analytics IDs

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