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DTG HDMI interoperability testing

January 23, 2015

DTG Testing is launching an HDMI interoperability testing service using the DTG’s unique receiver collection (Zoo).

Many of DTG Testing’s customers have found that HDMI compliance and certification does not guarantee that licensed CE devices will function correctly and be fully interoperable with other HDMI licensed devices. Issues such as audio/video synchronisation, incorrect aspect ratio, crashes, video glitches, juddering and colour issues may occur.
Confronting these issues early in the product development lifecycle is vital as such product failures can result in customer dissatisfaction, increased market returns and a degraded brand.

Now, CE manufacturers can have their devices tested against products in the DTG receiver collection, which will accelerate the time to market and ensure QoE and instil retailer buyers with the confidence to range and support products.

Comprising of around 450 integrated digital televisions (iDTVs) and STBs, the Zoo is the world’s largest collection of its kind and represents 95 per cent of the UK free to air receiver market while supporting 33 countries with multiple HD and Ultra-HD iDTV’s representing different CE designs and implementations of HDMI standards.

Richard Carlton, associate director of DTG Testing, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our HDMI interoperability testing service enabling manufacturers have their devices tested in our controlled environment and identify and resolve HDMI interoperable or other technical issues across a vast range of TVs and set top boxes. This collaborative project supports our goal at the DTG in achieving the efficient delivery of high quality video to all screens.

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