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Snapchat introduces discovery function

January 28, 2015

By Colin Mann

snapchatMessaging app Snapchat has introduced Discover, which it describes as a new way to explore stories from different editorial teams.

In a Blog Post, the Snapchat Team describes the initiative as the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. “This is not social media,” they assert.

According to Snapchat, social media companies tell us what to read based on what’s most recent or most popular. “We see it differently. We count on editors and artists, not clicks and shares, to determine what’s important,” says the Team, suggesting that Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. “All too often, artists are forced to accommodate new technologies in order to distribute their work. This time we built the technology to serve the art: each edition includes full screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising,” they advise..

Discover is new, but familiar. That’s because Stories are at the core – there’s a beginning, middle, and end so that editors can put everything in order. Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours – because what’s news today is history tomorrow,” they say.

A logo grid on the site suggests the involvement of 11 content partners, including ESPN, Vice, CNN, Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mail and Comedy Central.

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