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Greece to restart ERT

January 30, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Greek public broadcaster ERT (Hellenic Broadcasting Corp) was ordered to close in June 2013, and has struggled ever since with some 2600 staff laid off. ERT returned to air in July 2013 with a dramatically cut-down broadcasting schedule reflecting the country’s austerity programme, and a new name NERIT (New Greek Radio, Internet & Television organisation).

Greece’s newly-electric prime minister Alexis Tsipras now says that NERIT will be reformed “immediately” and that ERT can re-hire its former “unlawfully dismissed” employees.

Whether this promise means that the broadcaster’s three orchestras, 19 local and five national radio stations, plus television channels, will all be reinstated is – as yet – unclear. NERIT currently is on air with 6 radio channels and two TV channels.

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