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Médiamétrie TV Twitter ratings

January 30, 2015

From Pascale Paoli-Lebailly in Paris

twitterFrench ratings institute Médiamétrie has launched, in association with Twitter, its Twitter TV Ratings tool that measures the number of tweets made in relation to a television programme.

Proving that entertainment programmes are amongst the most tweeted about shows – and also engage viewers beyond the broadcast of the programme itself – Médiamétrie points out TF1 ‘s talent show, The Voice, came first over the January 19th to 25th period. The prime time show generated 397,000 unique tweets, since the unique audience category by Médiamétrie measures one tweet per account.

Médiamétrie talked about this new social audience tool as it was presenting its yearly TV report 2014 about the French market.

Last year, with nearly 50 million viewers watching it for almost four hours each day, on all type of screens, TV “has reaffirmed its role as the benchmark media” the study suggests. Sport (Sotchi Winter Olympics, Football World Cup) attracted a record number of viewers in 2014.

The French had on average 6.4 screens per household in 2014, which increased the opportunities to watch live, delayed or replay TV, at home or on the move.

Computers were the 2nd most popular way of watching television.

Two million viewers in the 15+ age group watched television every day on another screen, which is 82 million higher than two years ago.

Besides sports, drama was the leading genre on prime time television representing 32.6 per cent of the offering.

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