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INEA selects Genexis’ Hybrid for GPON FTTH in Poland

February 5, 2015

INEA, a FTTH network operator and service provider in Poland, has selected FTTH home gateway supplier Genexis for the delivery of GPON Gigabit fibre gateways. INEA, until today, has connected 20 per cent of Polish FTTH customers to its FTTH network. For new connections, INEA will be deploying Genexis’ GPON Hybrid gateway, providing high-speed fiber routing and wireless in combination with full triple play functionality. INEA is offering Internet speeds up to 500 Mbit/s.

“INEA has been deploying FTTH since 2010 and has gained great attention of the customers for FTTH technology,” says Eugeniusz Grzybek, Chief Technology Officer at INEA. “We believe the fiber market in our country will rapidly grow over the coming years. To address this growth and maintain our leading position in the market, we need a flexible and future-proof FTTH GPON solution that is why we have chosen Genexis as our new partner.”

“With Genexis’ modular Hybrid all-in-one fibre gateway, we can easily upgrade our services offerings towards subscribers without replacing the ONT,” says Robert Marczak, Telecom Department Director at INEA. “This saves CAPEX on the long-term and also enables us to quickly adapt to technological advancements on the residential gateway layer. These aspects are of the utmost importance to us.”

“Over the past 1.5 years INEA and Genexis have been closely working together on a tailored FTTH gateway solution that matches INEA’s current, and future needs,” says Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO at Genexis. “Our Hybrid GPON product not only enables INEA to offer a dynamic residential services package, it is also interoperable with a variety of 3rd party OLT vendors. This grants INEA more flexibility in building their back-end infrastructure. We are pleased INEA has selected Genexis and we are looking forward to a successful collaboration in the years to come.”

INEA is deploying a complete Hybrid solution, including Universe FTU, BBF.247 certified Element GPON ONT and the Live! Titanium Residential Gateway, including dual-concurrent WLAN.

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