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DTG Testing hits 100 product milestone

February 13, 2015

DTG Testing, the UK’s only accredited house testing against the Digital Radio Tick Mark specification, has successfully tested more than 100 different DAB products.

The Digital Radio Tick Mark scheme was established in June 2014 by DRUK, the industry association for digital radio in the UK, to set minimum standards for DAB products in performance and functionality.

The tick mark certifies that the radio is future-ready and can receive the available DAB, DAB+ and FM radio stations. DAB products must pass the requirements of the tick mark specification in order to achieve certification.

DTG Testing is one of only two approved test houses in the world to carry out Digital Radio Tick Mark testing.

Richard Carlton, Associate Director of DTG Testing, said: “We are proud to announce we have successfully tested over 100 products against the tick mark specification. This milestone signifies our resolve to ensure high performance, future-ready digital radio products are brought to the UK consumer market. DTG Testing plays a vital role in strengthening the UKs digital radio industry and this will only grow as more people switch to DAB.”

Ed Vaizey, Minister of Culture and the Digital Economy, recently announced the single biggest expansion of local digital radio coverage – 182 new digital transmitters – which will provide eight million more people with access to their local radio stations by 2016. Ofcom also recently announced it is holding bids for a new national commercial DAB multiplex that will begin transmission in 2016.

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