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Anevia headend goes coax

February 16, 2015

Anevia announces a new addition to the range of modules available for its Flamingo IPTV headend. Designed to fit the Flamingo XL/XS chassis, the XLDVBCM-A00 is a high-density module incorporating a 10 channel modulator.

“This latest addition to the range of Flamingo-compatible modules further extends the great versatility of the system which is suitable for coaxial as well as IP, wifi and hybrid television headend infrastructure,” comments Anevia CTO and co-founder Damien Lucas. “Single or multiple Flamingos can be integrated into existing cable-TV systems, old or new, without requiring any change in the wiring. The new coax output helps system integrators address the very large market which currently has little or no IP resources.

“A single Flamingo XL chassis can accommodate up to 10 output units, allowing hundreds of simultaneous channels to be sent via coax in addition to the hundreds of streams that could be delivered via IP. Additional channels can be sent via wifi to external connected devices. Advanced services available within Flamingo include DVB S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C and HDMI  inputs, secure encryption and decryption, web-television and web-radio. As the leader in embedded rescrambling, Anevia offers and exceptionally wide range of encryption formats. Flamingo is ready now to provide the encryption that will be needed in future for delivering IP and cloud content over coaxial infrastructure.”

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