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Arris E6000 router for Akado

February 17, 2015

Moscow Telecommunications Corporation COMCOR (the Akado Telecom brand) will deploy the E6000 Converged Edge Router (CER) from Arris to give its customers in Moscow access to a 200 Mbps high-speed Internet service. Moscow Telecommunications Corporation COMCOR will work with an existing Arris authorised channel member to deploy the Arris E6000 CER.

The deployment at Moscow Telecommunications Corporation COMCOR will continue the successful momentum of the Arris E6000, which has been selected by many leading service providers across the world and recognised for its ability to enhance services and realise significant savings in terms of real estate (rack space), power, and cooling requirements. The platform will support converged data/video services while also positioning Moscow Telecommunications Corporation COMCOR strategically for the future, including DOCSIS 3.1.

“Moscow Telecommunications Corporation COMCOR is one of the first company’s in Russia that will operate the modern equipment at such a high level,” said Vitaly Klishin, the First Vice-President of AkadoGroup. “This was made possible due to modernisation of our HFC network to EuroDOCSIS 3.0 standards. The Arris E6000 CER will allow us to improve the quality of our broadband services, increase network capacity for the customers, and reduce power consumption at the hubs.”

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