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Hulu introduces Watchlist

February 18, 2015

By Colin Mann

US online entertainment streaming service Hulu has unveiled Watchlist, which it describes as a new, easier way to keep track of favourite content on the platform.

Writing in the Hulu Blog, Devin Elston Product Manager, says that whether you’re watching great daily shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a guilty pleasure such as Jane the Virgin, re-watching a favourite such as The X-Files, or even checking out a classic film from the Criterion Collection, there’s so much great content to watch on Hulu. “On the product team, we’re always working to make it easy to sit down and watch your favourites without having to think about where you left off in each,” he confirms.

“Currently, you can do this with our features like Queue and Favorites, or by going straight to your Shows You Watch tray – but with Watchlist, we’re making it even simpler. We’ve taken the best aspects of these three features, and turned them into a single, smarter place to keep track of your content. The result is a Hulu experience that is easier and more personalised than ever before, that’s easily accessible across all your devices,” he says.

Watchlist makes it easy to save any episode, clip, movie or show that you’d like to watch later. Simply add it to your Watchlist by clicking the ‘+’ button on PCs, iPhones, and iPads or the ‘add to Watchlist’ button on gaming consoles, connected TVs and set-top boxes and Android devices. When you start watching a new show, future episodes will automatically be added to your Watchlist.” he advises.

Watchlist dynamically tailors the order of content to match how people watch TV. Shows that have new episodes or shows viewers are binging on will be prioritised in the Watchlist order over shows or movies they haven’t started yet. “Watchlist even learns from you, and gets smarter over time. The more content you watch on Hulu – the more personalised Watchlist will become. For example, if you always watch the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine the moment it’s available each week, Watchlist will make sure it’s the first thing you see. When you get caught up on that, the next show you’re watching will make its way to the front” he notes.

“Since Watchlist knows exactly where you are in each show, we’ve made it easier than ever to start watching. On your PC, iPhone, or iPad you will see your next episode shown in your Watchlist tray so you can start watching with just one click. The new Play All button on living room devices lets you sit back and be taken through all the content in your Watchlist,” he adds

Watchlist is currently available on, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, Roku players and Roku TV models, PS3, Amazon Fire TV & the latest Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. “Over the coming months, we’ll be working bring Watchlist to many other devices too. Everyone will be updated to Watchlist later this year but you can get it now by going to,” he reclommends.

“We hope you’ll love Watchlist as much as you love all the shows in it. Get it today, and be sure to let us know what you think,” he requests.

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