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ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, announces an all-in-one IP traffic and subscriber analytics solution

February 19, 2015

“While network and subscriber data can provide value throughout the service provider’s organisation, that information is a particularly valuable tool for marketing and customer care departments looking to improve the customer experience and enable the creation and delivery of more targeted and personalized services,” says Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Service Enablement and Subscriber Intelligence at Infonetics Research, now part of IHS.

Mobile Network Operators can use business intelligence to market enhanced subscriber packages based on a deeper understanding on how subscribers are using their data.  In order to remain competitive in a landscape with many specialized OTT services threatening to erode revenue, they need to be able to offer services targeted at their end users’ specific requirements. For example, they can make targeted offers for music streaming flat rate packages to subscribers who are regularly accessing music streaming portals or market video services to users with specific usage profiles.

“With the launch of ipoque’s new all-in-one traffic analysis solution, mobile network operators have a powerful tool to gain a competitive advantage with OTT players”, says Dirk Czepluch, ipoque’s Chief Technology Officer.  “Net Reporter Compact combines our proven Net Reporter traffic analysis & storage solution with our data collection & IP classification probe and comes in a portable platform that is easier and quicker to install as well as more cost-efficient than traditional analytics solutions, while offering full advanced subscriber analytics functionality” Czepluch continues.

Net Reporter Compact is scalable up to 100 000 subscribers, which makes it the ideal solution for small to medium mobile or fixed operators or for large operators who need to gain insight into specific parts of their network. Based on ipoque?s IP application classification software PACE, Net Reporter Compact provides real-time recognition of more than 95% of all protocols and applications, including Peer-to-Peer traffic, VoIP, video streaming and tunnel protocols. Top users can be identified based on geography and protocols utilized along with attributes such as device type and ARPU, allowing for customization of service offers by market segment to match demand for type of service. The extracted data can be enriched further by integration with additional Radius Authentication Attributes, CRM or Type Allocation Code (TAC) databases in order to generate anonymized reports enabling visibility of additional revenue-generating opportunities and the execution of targeted marketing campaigns.

Net Reporter Compact works on both a near real-time basis to facilitate operational network monitoring and troubleshooting, and on a long-term network-monitoring basis to establish trends and time-based profiles. The long-term statistical analysis reports can enable the operator to identify trends, predict demand and plan capacity to mitigate against congestion. The data can be viewed at different levels of granularity, from a high-level analysis showing entire network links down to the individual subscriber level.

Net Reporter Compact’s highly customizable reports can be viewed in the GUI dashboard or distributed via pdf format to relevant MNO departments. Customer service departments can regularly monitor their top tier customers via automatically delivered email updates of network usage and QoS whilst planning departments can receive reports on usage trends such as the development of video traffic on the network.

The combination of network probe and subscriber analytics functionality in an all-in-one hardware solution puts a powerful tool in the hands of operators to protect revenue against the threat of OTT services, lowers the overall cost of ownership and enables a faster time to market by requiring less equipment to be deployed.

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