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Witbe announces 4k support for ultimate Ultra-HD experience

February 24, 2015

Witbe, the test & monitoring company, announces Ultra-HD Videos full support

4K TV has been the main buzzword of 2014. All content providers and broadcasters want to provision the latest technologies to their viewers and offer them the best experience possible. But moving on to ultra-HD content involves significant structural changes meaning high deployment costs and technical challenges.

Using the latest HEVC technology, 4K delivery of on-demand content could use a bitrate up to 20Mbps and much more for live content streaming, putting a high stress on the whole delivery architecture. Therefore the performance delivered to the end user will be highly subject to fluctuations across ISPs and video playing device types. In this context, needless to say implementing a solid testing and monitoring system to secure investments and uarantee a flawless service to users is not an option.

Witbe’s engineers gave a boost to our robots to support the new generation of 4K set-top boxes. Able to perform lab testing and live monitoring, they can now detect conformance issues (black screens, frozen pictures, jerkiness…) on 2160p resolution for UHD without downscaling through the HDMI output of any kind of 4K STB. They are able to perform automated testing of all services: live and on-demand video content (push VoD or streamed VoD) stored locally in the STB’s DVR or hosted in the cloud. Witbe’s 4K TV solution also provides valuable information on the browsing performance and the end-to-end service availability.

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