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Record requests for BBC iPlayer

March 2, 2015

By Nik Roseveare

iplayer-logoBBC iPlayer has reported that January 2015 was its best month on record with 343 million requests – and at 264 million TV requests this was also BBC iPlayer’s best-ever month for TV viewing.

Following the festive period, requests from mobiles and tablets increased to 48 per cent in January – their highest-ever level – driven by growth for both TV viewing and radio listening

January saw high TV request numbers, approaching 2 million per episode, both for Christmas and New Year special episodes – including EastEnders, Top Gear and Miranda – as well as first episodes for new winter series, including The Voice, Silent Witness and Wolf Hall. Documentaries such as episodes from the Super-Rich season and BBC3’s Excluded also performed strongly

The profile of BBC iPlayer users has evened out over time in terms of male/female ratio, but remains strongly under-55 in terms of age, which is younger than the typical TV viewer or radio listener’s profile (although more in line with home broadband users).

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