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Abu Dhabi fines illegal satellite users

March 3, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Abu Dhabi, capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is hitting non-compliant satellite users with a Dhs 2000 fine (about $544) for ”illegal” use of satellite dishes.

For some month the Abu Dhabi municipality has been asking consumers to give up unwanted or old dishes which are cluttering rooftops, balconies and the skyline of the go-ahead city.

The City Council now says it is time to crack down, starting with balconies in residential areas. Abu Dhabi already has a law in place forbidding more than 4 dishes on rooftops, or any on balconies, or positioned on garden fences or walls.

“Those who fail to remove these devices and pay the fine will be referred to the public prosecution,” Saeed Al Hajeri, director of mobile inspection at the municipality, told local TV news station Abu Dhabi TV.

He also clarified the position over multiple rooftop dishes, saying that landlords can have up to four satellite dishes, which can be connected to a central antenna system to serve the needs of the residents.

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