Advanced Television

Hospital group Artemed selects TV servers of company Motama

March 3, 2015

Hospital group Artemed has successfully installed an advanced TV system provided by company Motama in two of its ten hospitals: ‘Hospital zum Heiligen Geist’ in Kempen and hospital Tabea in Hamburg (Germany).
As part of the system, TV signals are received by satellite and forwarded to the IP network of each hospital. At the patient’s bedside specifically configured tables of company Samsung are provided running the Android operating system.

By distributing TV streams wirelessly, the inconvenience of installing an expensive wired network can be avoided. For saving bandwidth in the Wifi network, servers of company Motama convert the original TV streams into the more efficient AVC/H.264 format and distribute them to the tablets using a protocol for adaptive streaming best known from the Internet, the so called HTTP Live Streaming protocol (HLS). Using this approach, channels of German public broadcasters, private broadcasters and the pay-TV group Sky are provided within the hospital network.

In addition, TV sets with large screens are also integrated into the TV network by connecting them to set-top boxes of company Amino Communications, which are also served by Motama servers.

‘We are very satisfied with the products and the support of Motama. Therefore, it was an easy decision for us to select Motama again for the second installation,’ says Stefan Vogel, Head of Information Technology at Artemed.

For realizing a user-friendly control and user interface for the tablets at the patient’s bedside, Artemed group has developed a custom management system, which will be installed in all upcoming installations.

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