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TabletTV enhances features

March 3, 2015

Pay-TV technology specialist Motive Television has released the first update to TabletTV in the UK, containing new capabilities and improved performance. The new version 2.0 has been submitted to the Apple App Store for review and is expected to be available to TabletTV UK customers in about a week.

TabletTV UK 2.0 is available without additional cost to users who signed up for TabletTV using either the mains or portable tuners. It adds several important functionalities to TabletTV in the UK, among them one-touch-recording (OTR), Home Network, and Social Networking.

OTR makes it possible for users to interrupt their viewing and watch the rest of the programme when time permits or to record a programme or movie for a later time. Time shifting is among the most highly valued viewing functions on main TVs and is now available on tablets.

The new Home Network feature allows the TTV user to pair his TabletTV tuner with his home WiFi signal and then be able to receive both over-the-air TV signals as well as the internet simultaneously. In addition to being able to receive the TabletTV signal anywhere that the home WiFi signal extends without moving the tuner, Home Network permits easy switching back and forth between watching and recording Freeview channels on the tablet and surfing the net or doing emails. Additionally, the Home Network feature makes it easy to use the third new feature, to use social networks and chat while viewing favourite programmes and movies.

Motive describes TabletTV UK 2.0 as “an important milestone” with more in preparation. Among the next updates will be the release of TabletTV Europe that will allow the use of TabletTV in continental Europe, the addition of Google Chromecast capability to cast a programme to the main TV, and the extension of TabletTV UK to Android devices.

Leonard M Fertig, CEO of Motive, said that with each step forward, Motive’s TabletTV was providing a more satisfying and valuable experience to its users in the United Kingdom and United States. “We are proud of our progress and the degree of acceptance and five-star ratings of TabletTV. With these additions, we have created a unique product which will only get better in the weeks and months to come.”

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