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CMO guide to Future TV

March 10, 2015

The CMO Club, ‘the world’s most engaged and inspired community of Senior Marketing Executives,’ announced the release of its newest solution guide, The CMO Solution Guide to the Future of TV and Digital Video, created in partnership with Simulmedia, the pioneer in bringing audience targeting to television advertising.

The guide seeks to decode the TV vs digital video conundrum for marketing leaders who are struggling to close the growing gap between consumer media consumption patterns and CMO know-how.

For over a decade, marketers have attempted to find the most efficient balance between TV and digital video spend. The solution guide reveals how marketers can align these two critical channels and pulls valuable insights gleaned from a survey of over 80 senior marketers. The guide features CMOs of household names such as Julie Cary, EVP/CMO of La Quinta Hotels; Bob Kraut, SVP, Global CMO of Papa John’s; Marc Sequin, CMO of PopChips; Julia Fitzgerald, CMO of Sylvan Learning and Richard Marnell, CMO of Viking River Cruises.
Key findings from the report include:
•       In the past three years, digital spend has gone from 10 percent of advertising budgets to 24 per cent and is forecasted to rise to 36 per cent in the next three years.
•       54 per cent of CMOs use digital video to supplement TV as a holistic strategy, yet 31 per cent of CMOs align their budgets for TV and digital advertising spend
•       Three quarters of the respondents said that they measure reach the same way for both TV and digital video; only one-third of the marketers surveyed see Nielsen as the ongoing foundation of their reach metrics.

Pete Krainik, Founder of The CMO Club, said, “The findings of this report are illuminating. It’s not TV vs digital video, it’s about TV and digital video, both today and for the foreseeable future. This solution guide is a unique perspective from a range of CMOs and seeks to provide senior marketers with a roadmap to help them navigate the relatively uncharted territory of digital video.”

David Cooperstein, CMO at Simulmedia and author of the report, notes that, “Through this solution guide, CMOs will learn how to use the best of TV and digital to engage consumers and deliver business results. TV remains a great reach vehicle that works well when complemented with targeted and interactive digital experiences that pull consumers from awareness to action.

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