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Motive, Tablet TV US licences

March 10, 2015

Motive and Tablet TV have signed licence agreements regarding the Tablet TV Joint Venture in the US.

Motive and TTV have entered into two agreements under which the Joint Venture receives non-transferable, perpetual, and irrevocable licences for use of Motive’s technology for the territory of the US and Canada to be used for the business of Tablet Television.

The Base Technology Licence Agreement provides for the Motive Technology platform which enables the provision of linear and video-on-demand services to mobile devices.  This Agreement is provided to Tablet TV as the 50 per cent equity investment by Motive to match Granite’s investment and in kind services.

The Tablet Technology Licence Agreement enables delivery to a mobile device of enhanced mobile TV services; and makes possible both free-to-air and encoded content delivered via the ATSC standard into a format viewable on a mobile device. It also enables channel selection and viewing, recording functionality, and social networking and added functions.  This agreement also includes “Motive Tablet Technology” which is the Motive Tablet App and that part of the Motive Technology resident within a T-Pod antenna.

Under the Tablet Technology Licence Agreement, Motive will receive Royalties based on a licence fee for each end user signed up for the Tablet TV service based on a formula that takes into account the cumulative number of end users.

Commenting on the new Agreements, Motive CEO Leonard M Fertig said: “These licence agreements are the most significant and valuable contracts signed in Motive’s history. After three years of hard work, Tablet TV is ready to take its place as an operating business across the United States and Canada, and it is important to put the licensing agreements in place to go forward with industry partners and strategic investors.  We are delighted to re-affirm our relationship with Granite and look forward to a very successful business together.”

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